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7 Tips to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency

7 Tips to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency

7 Tips to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies can wreak havoc in your property, causing significant damage and leaving you in a state of panic. However, with a little proactive care and attention, you can greatly reduce the risk of plumbing emergencies. Let’s look at the seven things you can do to prevent plumbing emergencies.

7 Tips to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency

Maintain the Condition of Your Pipes

Plumbing pipes can deteriorate over time and become susceptible to corrosion, leaks, and other forms of damage. It’s important to take the necessary measures to keep your pipes in good condition and reduce the likelihood of leaks, clogs, and bursting.

Here are some tips to help you maintain the condition of your plumbing pipes:

  • Monitor water pressure
  • Avoid chemical drain cleaners
  • Be mindful of what goes down the drain
  • Address leaks promptly
  • Schedule regular pipe inspections
  • Protect pipes during renovations

Insulate Water Pipes

Frozen water pipes can burst when winter temperatures plummet, resulting in water damage to your home. It’s advisable to insulate the water pipes in exposed areas of your home to minimize the risk of freezing. Pipe insulation acts as a barrier against cold temperatures, thereby preventing freezing.

Use Your Garbage Disposal Properly

Your garbage disposal is not a trash can where you dump all the old, uneaten foods. There are certain foods that you should not put down your garbage disposal. These include:

  • Animal bones
  • Egg shells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Onion layers
  • Nuts and shells
  • Pasta, rice, and bread
  • Fibrous or stringy fruits and vegetables

Run a generous amount of cold water before and after using your garbage disposal. Cold water helps solidify any grease or oils, making them easier for the disposal to break down and preventing them from solidifying further down the drain.

Avoid Flushing Inappropriate Items down The Toilet

Clogged toilets are among the most common plumbing emergencies that property owners deal with from time to time. This problem is usually caused by flushing inappropriate items down the toilet. Items such as diapers, condoms, feminine hygiene products, and medications should never be flushed down the toilet. Being mindful of what you flush down the toilet or pour down the sink will help you avoid clogged drains.

Consider Installing a Sump Pump

A sump pump is a submersible device installed in a sump pit to help keep the area under the building dry and prevent flooding. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, it’s advisable to install a sump pump to protect your basement or crawlspace from flooding.

Know The Location Of Your Water Shut-Off Valve

If you do happen to have a burst pipe, a major leak, or any other water-related emergency, knowing the location of the water shut-off valve will help you minimize damage to your property. Water-related emergencies can cause significant flooding in your property, so it’s important that you know the location of the water shut-off valve and make sure it can turn without resistance.

Keep Up With Water Heater Maintenance

A failing water heater can bring your normal household routine to a grinding halt. It’s important to keep up with water heater maintenance to ensure optimal operation and prevent breakdowns. Drain and flush the tank regularly to prevent sediment accumulation at the bottom of the tank.

Need Professional Plumbing Repair Service? Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing Today

If any component of your plumbing system is in disrepair and you’re in need of reliable plumbing repair service, reach out to the experts at Mr. Rooter Plumbing. Our reliable plumbers have the skills, experience, and top-of-the-line tools to provide you with high-quality services. From pipe repair to water heater repair, garbage disposal repair, sump pump repair, toilet repair, and faucet repair, we’ve got you covered.

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